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Beginning in 2019, we will be offering training courses for the software we develop. With specification changes and program improvements, engineers need to stay up to date with the current design methodologies and constraints. Designers must understand how the programs work in order to interact with production, design reviewers, and owners. It is also important for reviewers to understand the programs to facilitate accurate checks of design submittals. Software webinars will include a start-to-finish design example, design variations, and atypical designscenarios. Presentations will be executed by expert users from our engineering department along with the software developers themselves.

Eriksson Culvert

Single and multiple-cell precast or cast in place concrete culverts.

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Eriksson Wall

Load-bearing solid or insulated precast concrete wall panels and tied columns.
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Eriksson Pipe

Circular and horizontal elliptical reinforced concrete pipe.
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Eriksson Beam

Horizontal flexural prestressed and mild reinforcement members such as double tees and spandrels
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Highway bridge piers, bents, and abutments.

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Simple-span or continuous precast, pretensioned or post-tensioned precast concrete bridge girders.
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Our goal is to empower you to efficiently perform the analysis and design of precast/prestressed concrete structures. Specialized training allows you to become a much more effective user, which results in saving resources, such as time and money. 
Eriksson Software
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